Reducing NRW from 45% to 10% in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Integrated approach including implementation of water network management system

The city of Al Ain in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) has managed to reduce its NRW levels from as high as 45% to 10% within one year for 19 District Metering Areas (DMAs). The results were achieved through an integrated approach which included implementation of real-time hydraulic modelling, automated water balance calculations, installation of flow and pressure monitoring instruments as well as deploying noise loggers for automatic leakage detection and the Holistic Management Information System ‘HOMIS’ on top.

HOMIS integrated all operational data systems such as GIS, SCADA, noise loggers, water quality sampling, customer care, billing and finances. By monitoring and reporting online KPIs, HOMIS helped the managers react and initiate corrective measures when specific KPIs were outside the allowed target range. In addition, a dedicated training and educational programme elevated competencies within the utility at both operational and management levels. This has enabled Al Ain in moving towards a 24/7 supply and securing safe and economic operation of the city’s drinking water system.

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