NIRAS is consultant for two unprecedented wind farms

NIRAS was chosen as a consultant by HOFOR, the water utility company of the greater Copenhagen area, to assess the environmental impact of the two new wind farms that HOFOR is planning to build in the Øresund.

HOFOR wants to build two new wind farms in the waters of the Øresund, as part of the overall strategy of making Copenhagen the world’s first CO2-neutral capital. NIRAS is to assess the environmental impact of each of the two wind farms, before the build of the farms can commence.

A part of NIRAS’ job description is to support a process that ensures HOFOR, Copenhagen Airport and other authorities are capable of identifying, solving and mitigate possible safety issues related to the wind farms, so they can coexist with Copenhagen Airport. It needs as an example to be clarified to what extend the two wind farms will influence air traffic and bird migration patterns.

After completing this first phase, NIRAS will commence with the actual environmental impact assessment, to ensure that the wind farms have an acceptable impact on the environment.

“It is a very exciting assignment involving a lot of aspects that require meticulous research. There will for example be many opinions about the visual identity of the wind farms. That is why we need to make sure that the farms will add character to the area,” says Bent Sømod, senior project lead at NIRAS.

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