Grand Cloudburst Tunnel Projects in the calcareous underground of Copenhagen

Two new 'highways for stormwater' are under construction in the Copenhagen underground.

As a part of a cloudburst management plan for the Danish capital with a funding of approx. 1.47 billion EUR, the utility companies HOFOR and Frederiksberg Forsyning
have initiated two large-scale cloudburst tunnel projects. The two independent tunnels will be drilled at a depth of 12-20 meters below sea level through the calcareous underground beneath the urban districts of Valby and Vesterbro.

The tunnels will be up to three meters in diameter and the main purpose is to prepare the city for rare extreme rainfall events. During such cloudbursts, the tunnels will lead stormwater away from urban districts as well as residential neighbourhoods and discharge it into Copenhagen’s harbour. At the same time, the two tunnels will also contribute to draining the increasing amounts of everyday rain that are expected due to climate change.  An international team of consultants will help execute the highly complicated projects.

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