Cost-efficient climate adaptation and wetland restoration, Karlstrup Marsh, Denmark

Heavy rainfalls used to lead to severe flooding in the small cities of Greve and Solroed, located south of Copenhagen. Today, the increased volume of rainfall is used positively in a restored river valley with an open pond and wetlands which provide both recreational value to the citizens and improved habitats for flora and fauna. A new pond purifies rainwater before it runs to the re-established river, allowing trout and other wild fauna better living conditions. At the same time, the water utility company now has access to 30,000 m3 of rainwater storage during stormwater events. The Karlstrup Marsh project is a unique collaboration between KLAR Utility and the two municipalities of Greve and Solroed and has created win-win solutions for everyone involved, including local sports clubs, farmers and bird watchers. In Karlstrup Marsh, climate change adaptation became a strong driver of sustainable and cost-efficient development as the project saved the water utility company construction costs for traditional urban retention basins. The holistic approach had a strong focus on stakeholder involvement, alternative financing mechanisms and not least technical solutions involving a new stream established through the local forest.

Courtesy: NIRAS, KLAR Utility, Municipality of Greve, Municipality of Solroed

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