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Nicodesign has developed a proposal for the apartments of the future which represents a solution to our time’s social and economic problems. The building centres on flexibility and is developed around a modular building system where flexibility can be found in both the construction of the apartments and living situation.

The functional modules are adaptable to the customer´s individual needs and are based on a prefab system which enables the building to be expanded and changed in relatively short time. The apartments make use of several smaller innovative solutions developed by Nicodesign.

The Modular Apartment focuses on its inhabitants and is flexible in accordance to the family’s economy and needs. It is designed so that it can change with the inhabitants’ needs and can therefore in an easy, economical and environmentally friendly fashion either be expanded or contracted. Parts of the apartment can be removed and used in other buildings. Furthermore, it is possible to combine two smaller apartments into a big one.

Nicodesign has already received support from, among others,China and Berlin, where prototypes of the project will be exhibited. Danish politicians have also shown great interest. 

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Modular Apartments will have an economical advantage for the buyer as the prefabricated elements will make the apartment cheaper without compromising the quality. In addition, a number of environmentally friendly solutions are integrated naturally in the apartment and will have an influence on everyday living cost. These technologies will furthermore decrease CO2 emmissions and wastewater. All materials have been chosen with consideration for the environment.

Modular Apartments incorporate a number of innovative solutions developed by Nicodesign, which makes the apartments even more attractive. An example is the columns made of rubber which can tolerate earthquakes and therefore make it possible to build the apartments in areas that are exposed to such natural disasters. Another example is a clever power socket which collects all cables and makes the inhabitant aware of his/her energy consumption.

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