Argos – the floating house

Global warming is causing ice around the north and south poles to melt. This could result in rising  sea levels and decreasing land area. On top of this, the world's population is increasing. These developments mean that, in the future, living space will become a problem.

Nicodesign has designed a potential solution to this problem: The Argos. Argosis a modular, customizable floating house, affordable for anyone thanks to its construction; all the pieces are prefabricated and mass-produced.

It is easy to build and can be transported by sea to any place. This gives the user a freedom as he can move whenever he wants, avoiding the normal problems a move usually poses (changing house, moving furniture and belongings, transportation etc.).

As it is modular, it can be adapted to the needs and economical resources of each user, with the possibility to add or remove rooms .Argos is a revolution in the house building sector.

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Argos is a prefabricated, mass-produced house. Thanks to this, no construction jobs are needed, and no waste is generated; it is as simple as fixing every piece to each other. This makes the house cheap and ecological. When reparation is needed, it is not necessary to make large constructions. The damaged pieces can simply be removed and replaced by a new one, while being sent back to the factory to be fixed or recycled: No waste is generated. On top of that, it can easily be transported by water.

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