Green Industrial Symbiosis

An industrial symbiosis is a collaboration between two or more companies, where residual products (for example waste, sewage or waste heat) from some companies are used by others as raw materials or sources of heat.

Network for Sustainable Business Development’s Industrial Symbiosis project highlights opportunities for collaboration and contacts between companies. It is important to identify real examples of industrial symbioses and to disseminate them to the region.

The Green Industrial Symbiosis project aims to identify existing cooperation projects between companies on the use of waste, waste products of materials, and energy use.

Experience shows the value of creating contacts and clarifying and identifying possible areas of cooperation through partnerships. Doing so is beneficial to projects and ensures project partnerships progress. This is of benefit to the companies or consultants involved.

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Green industrial symbioses are gaining more and more ground in different countries. In England there is a national centre devoted to the development of them. In the European Union, the Commission’s attention has been captured by Danish industrial symbioses. The Danish model, Kalundborg Symbiosis, is an outstanding example of how the process works.

In the region of North Jutland in Denmark, the “Network for Sustainable Business” coordinates and manages current industrial symbiosis activity. Its focus and efforts are directed throughout the region.

Green Industrial Symbiosis is a collaboration between Network for Sustainable Business Development and North Denmark Region.

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