Nerve Switch®

Nerve Switch® enables each individual battery cell to be controlled both directly and independently. This allows for optimizing several electrical energy systems by removing the need of expensive power electronic components, extending battery lifecycle and creates a foundation on which it is possible to design hybrid battery systems.

The core functionalities of the Nerve Switch® technology stack allows individual battery cells to be taken in and out of operation repeatedly according to their respective State Of Charge (SOC) and State Of Health (SOH) – providing a higher efficiency on the battery system.

– Electrical Energy Storage Systems doesn’t need DC/DC power electronics as current and voltage output can be controlled directly from engaging or disengaging battery cells.

– Power can be transferred directly from Photovoltaic cells (Solar Cells) to batteries without Solar PV inverters for adjusting voltage and current levels.

– Hybrid battery packs can be designed and controlled – since the software will automatically measure voltage and current levels in each battery cell and engage when power is needed, unified installations and stocking up on old-tech battery cells is a thing of the past.

– Cell Stack Reconfiguration of operational battery systems allows for a Battery Electrical Energy Storage system that is no longer limited to either have a high capacity or a high effect – both can be achieved by the flexible topology offered in a Nerve Switch operated solution.

– Nerve Switch technology improves system safety since there is no high voltage anywhere in the system in case of emergency or planned shut-down.

Overall, the Nerve Switch® technology stack refines the way renewable energies can be integrated in society by improving profitability, reliability and overall system performance.

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Our technology stack allows for individual control and management of battery cells and dynamic cell stack reconfiguration in larger battery electrical energy storage systems.

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Lasse von Elling

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