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Buildings and infrastructure impact the environment, during both the construction process and the period of operation. NCC assume the responsibility to minimize those impacts. NCC develops and builds residential and commercial properties, industrial facilities and public buildings, roads, civilengineering structures and other types of infrastructure.

Energy Saving buildings
In terms of its office operations, NCC Property Development is affiliated to the EU’s Green Building concept. This means that the buildings covered by the concept use 25 percent less energy than the national standard requires.

NCC also builds single-family homes that are “Swan” ecolabeled and low-energy houses.

NCC has many years experience as contractor that performs energy retrofitting and newly NCC is a certified energy consultant company and performs energy labelling of buildings.

NCC’s geographical focus
NCC’s geographical focus is on the Nordic region and neighboring areas around the Baltic Sea. NCC primarily conducts operations in the Nordic region. In the Baltic region, NCC mainly builds housing on a proprietary basis and in Germany single-family housing. The Group had in 2008 approximately 20,000 employees.

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