Project “Green Enthusiasts” recycles old clothes

A project with support from the pool for “Green Enthusias” by the Danish Ministry of Environment

In Denmark there are only a few things to do with the clothes, you are done wearing. Most people will donate it to Red Cross or another organization hoping it will benefit other people, or they will simply throw it away.

Naked Society has created a new set up, that gives people a third solution for their old clothes – so far for old jeans only: To donate it to us through collections at schools and institutions. Hereafter, the materials are transformed into new, exciting design products. For some of the products, we break down the material completely and we use recycled materials almost exclusively.

Today, a large part of second-hand clothes is sent abroad, where it passes through several stages before it is wasted at surplus stocks in Africa. If it is recycled, it is often for isolation or cloths, and at the same time, endless amounts of new textiles are produced every day all over the world.

We need to think more about the resources we have and find new solutions to reusing existing textiles for new, exciting products. Naked Society’s production of bags, pillows and puffs are examples of just that!

It is not necessarily the answer to all the world´s problems, but a way to create beautiful and useful things from something old and worn.


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Interior design made from recycled jeans

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Alexandra Winther Høeg

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