BlueBox Concept – mobile solutions for safe drinking water

A world where every man, woman and child have access to clean drinking water, anytime and anywhere

MuchMoreWater has created a range of solutions for providing safe drinking water.

These solutions are particularly useful when:

– There is no conventional water distribution,
– The conventional water distribution does not provide safe drinking water, and
– The drinking water solution must be mobile.

Our standard solutions are designed to comply with basic needs and typical client criteria. We always listen to your special needs in order to accommodate a solution, which is most meaningful for you.

Here is a short listing of basic criteria met by the BlueBox Concept:

Energy Efficiency – Low Running Costs
You pay only for what you need, and at a low production cost, making this machine very cost efficient on the long term. Let us assist you in calculating costs.

Durability for years
With the right maintenance, this machine will endure many years of providing drinking water. You have solved any drinking water issue for a very long time, and can focus your efforts on other important activities.

Drinking Quality and Health Standards Compliance
Through State-of-the-Art components and Reverse Osmosis technology, you can rest assured always to have the best drinking water quality, and security in complying with the World Health Organisation quality standards. Water purified through MuchMoreWater’s BLUEBOX plant has been tested at state-controlled Danish and foreign laboratories. The tests demonstrate that end users at virtually all places with access to surface water can get clean drinking water that is in compliance with WHO standards.

Environment Friendly Solutions
The units do not contain oil or chemicals that may adversely impact the environment. Add our solar array and you are free of the need for fossile fuels.
The combination of the filtering methods, sturdy material, simple construction in a plastic container, easy operation, large capacity, low energy consumption, and the mobility is what makes the products of MuchMoreWater unique.

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