BlueBox 1800UF Solar – A solar driven water purification plant

The BlueBox 1800UF Solar is a solar driven water purification plant, producing clean water only with the sun as energy source.

The combination of the filtering methods, sturdy material, simple construction in a plastic container, easy operation, large capacity, low energy consumption, and the mobility is what makes the products of MuchMoreWater unique.

MuchMoreWater´s very mobile plant – BlueBox UF Solar, has a cleaning capacity of up to 1,800 litres of drinking water per hour.

MuchMoreWater´s plant employs a self-priming diaphragm pump, which sucks water directly from lakes, rivers, water ponds etc. The following filtration process removes particles, virus, bacteria and thus the risk of waterborne diseases, e.g. cholera. The water is finally, as an extra safety precaution, exposed to strong UV-light effectively killing off any remaining micro organisms.

CONCEPTwater purification solutions for:

Relief work, refugee camps etc.

  • Emergency management agencies.
  • Households, municipalities.
  • Construction camps and remote areas.
  • Contaminated surface water in rural areas in all tropical zones.

More information
The system is delivered with an integrated pump energized by a solar powered electrical engine fitted with frequency converter. The plant may alternatively be supplied with integrated petrol engine.

The simple construction of the system makes it operative in less than 15 minutes irrespective of end users qualifications.

All our water systems are made with the finest grade stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials – we only use the best. Our system is fitted with proven superior membranes. The ultra filtration process relies on a very dense membrane, which removes contaminants from the water. All in all the BlueBox UF Solar consists quality materials which makes it best-in-class.

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