CityProbe 2

CityProbe is the fabric of the intelligent city. Each probe takes a snapshot at its location and transmits the status of the environment in realtime. Add more probes, and you get a live glimpse of the well-being of the city.

CityProbe 2

Introducing CityProbe 2, the newest addition to the CityFlow family, now more capable than ever before. It measures particle pollution, noise, rain, light intensity, UV index, temperature, air pressure and humidity. In addition, it has a built-in GPS for dynamic positioning as well as a translucent top cover that can optionally be lit in all colors to represent the current environmental status to pedestrians.

A single, unified product

A CityProbe assembly consists of the main unit (the cylindrical device), a mount and a solar panel – all assembled into one coherent product. Nothing needs to be connected; data is wireless, and power comes from the sun. Mount the unit and data will flow.

CityProbe has been designed for the urban environment, and it fits all common types of lamp posts. No external infrastructure is required, as it is completely self-sufficient with power using the supplied solar panel. Wireless data is included in the monthly subscription.


Deploy with ease

Since there is only one thing to install and nothing to connect, it is easy to deploy CityProbes throughout the city. Just pick the locations – and if they later change, CityProbes can be moved without any new configuration thanks to the built-in GPS.

After a new CityProbe has been installed, it is automatically linked to your organization on CityFlow, and you can immediately start exploring the data. Gradually, you can deploy more units and watch the city get covered so the urban variations can be explored in real-time through the built-in heatmaps and TimeSlider.


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