Moeller & Groenborg, Architects and Planners

    Moeller & Groenborg, Architects and Planners

    The Danish architectural practice Møller & Grønborg was established in 1960 and works among other things with infrastructure and energy related problems in the landscape. Møller & Grønborg is a pioneer in this area being one of the first companies involved in wind turbine projects both on and off shore.

    In all projects the emphasis is always on how to integrate different technical systems into the scenery where it is less painful – visually and environmentally.

    Our fields of work are:

    Urban planning

    Structure planning, development planning, transformation of city centre, master planning, district planning, strategic planning.


    Development of open spaces, parks, streets, including pavement, planting, development of terrain etc..


    Urban furniture; bike stands, benches, noise reduction, garbage bins, outside lighting for parks etc.


    Bridges, rail network, energy planning, establishment of natural gas, high voltage wires and wind turbines.


    Technical buildings, buildings in relation to technical plants e.g. transformer stations, cable stations etc.


    Evaluations on environmental effects in relation to infrastructure projects especially roads, high voltage, wind turbines, railroads etc.


    Consultancy, buildings, user involvement and processes of democratization.



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    Primary contact
    Niels Kjølhede Larsen
    +45 8620 3200

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