The Blue Planet – Designing the Danish Aquarium as a sustainable building

In 2013 Denmark had a new national aquarium: The Blue Planet. The aquarium by architects 3XN and MOE is an exceptional architectonic masterpiece and also a sustainable building.

Energy optimization incorporated from the start
Energy optimization and other environmental initiatives was incorporated during the project design to ensure the greatest possible energy efficiency.

The right lighting and control saves energy
Much energy is saved using the right lighting and control. LED lighting and movement sensors turns the light off automatically and are used wherever appropriate. Daylight control is used in the café and the office facilities.

Seawater cooling reduces the energy consumption
There is a special focus on energy consumption for heating and cooling of the great volumes of water. Seawater will be used for direct cooling of the reservoirs in the cold months. In the warmer months a cooling machine is used.

Rainwater harvesting from the roof
Rainwater is harvested from the great roof surface and used for the fresh water reservoirs – saving valuable drinking water and relieving the drainage system.

Healthy materials
The choice of material is based on life cycle analysis securing a healthy building for the audience and nature alike.

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Morten Anderson

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