MJK Automation

    MJK Automation

    MJK have for almost 40 years provided high quality measurement and pump controlling equipment worldwide.

    MJK develops, produces and sells high quality equipment mainly for the area of flow and level measurement, analysis, data logging, pump monitoring and controlling, mainly for areas such as drinking water, wastewater and industrial wastewater as well as monitoring and data logging of nature resources, and water levels in lakes and streams.

    MJK have for many years been servicing customers worldwide from our office north of Copenhagen, since 2013 we have been a part of Xylem Inc. and therefore represented by the Xylem offices as well as the Copenhagen office, and local MJK partners.

    MJK and Xylem offers highly qualified local networks of distributors’ with educated specialist’s supervising on areas such as planning, mounting, configuration, calibration and communication.


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    Primary contact
    Henrik Larsen
    +45 45 56 06 42