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Ensuring compliance to national grid codes is no simple task, which is why Basil Read Matomo approached wind industry specialists Mita-Teknik, when they were faced with that exact challenge on their project in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Mita-Teknik was approached for the project because the wind turbine OEM was not able to deliver the necessary grid code compatibility, which is a requirement when setting up turbines in South Africa and other parts of the world.

Extensive park control experience and open platform control solutions made Mita-Teknik the obvious partner for BR Matomo, who was in need of the right product setup and the right know-how in order to finish the project within the tight deadline.

According to Engineering Manager at BR Matomo, Evan Jones, they first learnt of the limitations of the turbine supplier’s SCADA solution a few months prior to scheduled project completion. The limitations were linked to higher order wind park controls such as; Reactive Power, Voltage, Power Factor and Frequency Control relative to the point of connection.

“The issues required a partner with knowledge of both the turbines and S.A. grid codes, and with the capability to provide a reliable solution within the very tight time frame.” says Evan Jones, Engineering Manager at BR Matomo.

Partnering for Success

The project involved nine 3 MW Sinovel turbines and was carried out in cooperation between BR Matomo, Mita-Teknik and the OEM. Mita-Teknik performed park site and local conditions analysis prior to assisting with the commissioning of the chosen park control solution. Without the exceptional teamwork and great spirits in the entire team across companies, the project would not have become such a success.

“Given the crucial time frame for the project, I was proud to see how our joint team excelled and carried out the project to perfection.” says Mads Høy Mortensen, Lead Sales Director in Mita-Teknik.

“We have been very satisfied with the support received from Mita Teknik, with the unknowns from the turbine supplier EMS (Energy Management System) being the only major delays to the Park Control commissioning process.” says Evan Jones.

Park Control Solution

Prior experience with the Sinovel SL 3000 turbines from a similar project in Finland, meant that Mita-Teknik was able to deliver a reliable and fully tested park control solution for the BR Matomo project, and given the open nature of all Mita-Teknik solutions it was possible to make the necessary corrections to the “Grid Code Object” software in order to make it compliant with the South African code requirements.

The technical solution included a complete cabinet containing Mita-Teknik’s WP4100 MK ll Controller, which is able to receive the P&Q set points from the utility company, the WP-Line 111 MK ll Power Supply/Backbone and Grid Monitoring Module (WP-Line 151 MK ll and WP3090 Voltage Transformer), which supervises the park network. Additionally, Mita-Teknik also delivered the Gateway SCADA System for easy monitoring and control of the solution. Gateway enables BR Matomo to connect to the park 24/7, to overview production, receive alarms, view logs and much more.

We Can Help You too

The success of the BR Matomo project proves that Mita-Teknik is able to provide a turnkey park control solution, which is reliable, fully tested and complies with all necessary grid code requirements for the South African market.

Our skilled organization and our dedication to Customer Partnering ensure great partnerships and successful projects.

“We consider the South African market a priority market, and based on our very positive experiences with the BR Matomo project, we are confident that more exciting projects will follow – and we will be ready for them as well.” says Mads Høy Mortensen.

About BR Matomo

Basil Read Matomo is a process and power generation design and project execution company. The company focuses on the successful execution of process based and renewable energy projects

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