Middelfart Wastewater

Middelfart Wastewater Ltd. takes care of the sewers and the wastewater treatment in the western part of the Danish Island of Funen – in the municipality of Middelfart.

The company treats the wastewater from domestic household and industries from an area covering 300 km2 with approximately 37,500 inhabitants. The company operates 700 km of sewers, six wastewater treatment plants, 215 pumping stations, 80 rainwater and sewage basins and 14 tertiary lagoons for sludge treatment.

Middelfart Wastewater thus has many years of experience in operating sewer systems and wastewater treatment plants. Furthermore the company puts a lot of efforts in developing adaptation responses to counter the damaging effects of climate change from flooding, sewer overflows etc.

Innovation is a key word for us and we are engaged in a number of development projects in cooperation with local authorities, local citizens, other utilities, educational institutions, consultants, and suppliers.

We are ready to share our knowledge and expertise. Our staff puts rethinking and collaboration high on the agenda together with environmental concern and occupational safety and health.

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Middelfart Wastewater
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Rie Bruhn

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