MEINERTZ creates customized heating solutions for exceptional projects. We constantly work for perfection and work hard to make our radiators, convectors and finned tubes an integrated part of the architectural design. A close cooperation with our customers is the key to achieve the perfect result. Our solutions are all over the globe in residential homes, businesses and public projects such as Tate Modern, New York Times’ Headquarters, Columbia University, The Lego Experience House and Bestseller Headquarters.

    MEINERTZ offers Scandinavians most comprehensive portfolio of radiators, convectors and finned tubes. MEINERTZ manufactures in Denmark ProLine Convection grilles and Convec comfort panels, which are efficient heaters in a minimalistic design for integration into construction projects with glass panels from floor to ceiling, or for wall mounting along ceilings, around corners, etc.

    The MEINERTZ own production range also encompasses a large selection of convectors and radiators, as well as finned tubes, which are an ideal and efficient choice for heating large spaces and in places where the rustic or colorful pipes can function as sculptural forms in the building.

    In addition to its own products, MEINERTZ has the exclusive rights to sell radiators and convectors from the Swiss company Zehnder and the Turkish company E.C.A. It means that MEINERTZ is your unique supplier of heating systems whether you are looking for custom made products to match the specific dimensions and requirements of the individual projects or you are searching for the most competitive prices in large, standardized installations.

    MEINERTZ was founded in 1939 and is still owned by the same family. MEINERTZ stands for Danish design and Danish craftsmanship.

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    Philip Meinertz