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By MBP Solutions, June 17, 2019

In the port of Grenaa MBP Solutions is operating a processing plant and storage facility for liquid oils.

The site is an important part of the supply chain and is required in order to ensure that used cooking oils from restaurants as well as industrial by-products can be collected on time, processed and quality controlled prior to final use in different applications. MBP Solutions is supplying a range of different industries and sustainable applications ranging from ingredients for production of aqua feed for production of farmed fish, over feedstocks for production of biodiesel to valuable feedstock for production of biogas in local anaerobic digestion plants.

The processing plant allows us to handle different kinds of containers for transportation from the plastic or steel barrels used for collection of used cooking oils in restaurants to 1000 liters IBCs and 20 feet containers with flexibags and ISO tank containers. Our people are trained and skilled in working efficiently and thoroughly with the different tasks. The site has a range of permissions in order to legally handle the by-products in question, whether classified as waste, animal by-products or for animal feed applications. MBP Solutions plays an important role in recycling various by-products. Increasingly it becomes important to be able to document the sustainability status of the by-products. MBP Solutions and Modern By-products holds several specific sustainability certifications as well as environmental (ISO 14001) and quality (ISO 9001) certifications and enables us to ensure and document the sustainability and quality that we want to achieve and deliver to our clients.

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