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Masava Chemistry

MASAVA Chemistry is an ambitious company following the concept that effectiveness and concern for the environment belongs together.

Since 1970, MASAVA has been ahead of the development of environmentally friendly cleaning and degreasing products within shipping, offshore, and oil and gas industry. MASAVA was the first chemical company to become certified as “Green Label Compliant” by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the municipality of Odense.

MASAVA has its main offices and production plant in a business park in Svendborg, Denmark. MASAVA exports all over the world, among others to Norway, Scotland, Iceland, Lithuania, Holland, Hong Kong, South Africa and Singapore.

MASAVA’s products:

  • Are environmentally friendly.
  • Contain no petrochemical solvents.
  • Do not liberate poisonous gas, and can be used in closed rooms.
  • Are not inflammable.
  • Are certified and approved according to HOCNF, CHARM and the Norwegian Environmental rules.
  • Are fast separating according to IMO, and can be used in an oil separator


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