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Marine Ingredients Denmark

We represent the producers of fishmeal and fish oil in Denmark. With a focus on sustainability and high quality, the Danish industry is the leading producer in Europe and number 7 globally.

The production of fishmeal and fish oil plays a crucial role in the development of a globally growing aquaculture sector and our sector contributes significantly to economic growth and employment in coastal regions.

Utilization of Fish by-products
More than 25% of the global fishmeal and fish oil production is based on offcuts from the processing of fish for direct human consumption. In the process of filleting, up to 60% of the fresh fish can be cut off. These by-products contain valuable fish protein and oils, and when used for fishmeal and fish oil, full use is made of the natural resources. This is our flagship. The industry thus adds value to this otherwise unused raw material and provides a conduit to get the nutrients from the ocean to the human food chain.

Energy efficiency – use of surplus heat
The surplus heat from the production is efficiently transferred to local heating systems. In Skagen at the very northern tip of Denmark, the local fishmeal factory provides approximately 25% of the community´s heating, saving the local community considerable costs and making best use of resources.

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