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Delivering renewable energy insightTM

MAKE is a consulting and research business with headquarters located in Aarhus, Denmark as well as offices in China, Germany and the US.

MAKE delivers research, forecasts, data and a multi-faceted view of the global wind-power and solar industry with unrivaled depth and accuracy, offering you a competitive advantage in accelerating business results.

Our mission is to accelarate our clients’ business results. We do this by using our industry experience, know-how and network to connect the dots and provide our clients with the most accurate, timely and powerful renewable energy insights to guide decisions for their wind business and investments. This makes us a preferred partner for leading renewable companies and investors worldwide. We place great importance on understanding how your organisation works, your unique position in the marketplace and the true nature of the challenges you face before proposing solutions and actions.

We offer:

  • data gathered from respected sources and analytics synthesized from our industry-leading data and models
  • deep understanding of local markets and individual professional networks to produce powerful insights on all parts of the wind and solar value chain
  • clear and unbiased perspectives, presented without hype and sensationalism.
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Manja Meister
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