Lynettens Vindkraft

    Lynettens Vindkraft

    Lynetten’s wind farm was initiated in 1994 by a group of  wind turbine enthusiasts.  In august 1996 the 7 Bonus 600 kWh windturbines started operation. 3 are operated by Syd Energi  and 4 by Lynettens Vindkraft which consists of 900 investors. The shareholders of the cooperative, each own one or more shares corresponding to 1/3600 of the partnership. The cooperative has joint liability, but the risks of this type of organisation are minimized by the fact that the cooperative cannot incur debts.

    Each windturbine produces around one MWh a year, similar to the electricity consumption of 1000 people.

    The nacelle is located 50 meters above the ground, rotor diameter is 44 meters, total height 72 meters.  The windfarm is located around 7 km from the city square.

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    Jens Anker Hansen

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