Long-distance district heating – heat loss reduced by almost 50%

District heating pipes are now reaching into outlying areas surrounding towns. One excellent example is the new 12.5 km-long TRE-FOR transmission pipeline. TRE-FOR now supplies 800 households in the small town of Lunderskov, Denmark, with ecofriendly district heating, making big savings for supplier and consumers.

Heating supplier Lunderskov Fjernvarme, previously received surplus heat from a local manufacturing company. When this company decided to withdraw from the contract, the heating plant was forced to convert to oil, coal, straw, wood chips or wood pellets – or to get heat delivered from TRE-FOR in nearby city of Kolding.

“Among other sources, our heat comes from CO2-neutral heat from TAS waste incineration in Kolding, and surplus heat from the Shell oil refinery in Fredericia and the Skærbækværket power plant,” explains Helge Schlott Hansen, Heating Supply Manager at TRE-FOR Varme (heating division).

“We have also succeeded in reducing heat loss by almost 50% in the new transmission pipe, by laying Series 2 insulated TwinPipe instead of single pipe. This means that we can supply customers in Lunderskov with environmentallyresponsible heating, on the same terms and conditions of payment as with our customers in Kolding.”

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