Logimatic has more than 25 years of experience in developing software and automation solutions and our vast experience is based on numerous implementations all over the world. This has provided us with a unique knowledge and makes us more than just another system supplier.

    • Software: Logimatic develops, sells and supports software solutions for warehouse management, photo documentation, planned maintenance and fleet management. More about Logimatics software solutions: Here
    • Automation: Through almost 30 years one of the core competencies of Logimatic has been electrical and automation solutions. Marine, energy and supply are key areas. Logimatic have delivered instrumentation and control for several innovative solutions arround the world. more about Logimatics automation solutions: Here
    • Consultancy & Development: Logimatic offers consultancy and software development in relation to existing solutions, but also in relation to analysis, design and development, implementation, service and support. more about Logimatics consultancy & development: Here

    Logimatic’s mission is to supply software- and automation solutions that ease the day to day work processes and enhances our customer’s competitiveness.To ensure this we make sure that our employees’ expertise is integrated with the newest technologies, so that we can develop the best solutions in the market.

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    Primary contact
    Hans Jacob Møller
    +45 20750222