Lithium Balance

Lithium Balance

Unleashing the power of Lithium-Ion, battery technology

Lithium Balance is an innovative Danish company whose core competence is the development and delivery of battery management systems for medium to high capacity Lithium Ion battery packs. Our range of battery management systems allow all common Lithium Ion cell chemistries and constructions to be correctly managed.

Lithium Balance is a full service partner capable of providing knowledge and assistance in all aspects Li-Ion battery technology implementation. Our close relationship with many of the world’s leading battery suppliers allows us to advise on the right battery choice and battery management strategy for your application.

Even as Lithium Ion emerges as the battery technology of choice, the enabling technologies that make the high power, high capacity battery packs safe and reliable to work with cannot be neglected. Multi-cell Lithium Ion battery packs can only be used safely and reliably with proper battery management.
It was the vision of the founder, Ivan Loncarevic, to create perfect effective, battery management solutions, making them available off-the-shelf at a reasonable price, giving industry a quick route to practicable Lithium-Ion battery, powered solutions.

Lithium Balance provide a range of accessories as well as engineering services to support our customers every step of the way. Many industries have benefited from our technology, including passenger vehicles, industrial machines and even small robots.

If your goal is to harness the benefits of Li-Ion battery technology, then you have come to the right place.

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+45 58515104

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