Sustainable heating for chicken production

Sustainable heating for producing 1.8 mio. chickens every year

The aim of this new straw system from Linka Energy is to provide stable and sustainable heat to the farm’s chicken production facility. 1.8 mio. broilers are produced every year across the 6 sheds, which for optimum breading purposes have an inhouse temperature of between 24°C and 34°C.

The first Linka plant was inaugurated on the farm in 1999 and has earnt its retirement after 21 years of stable operation and heat supply. Based on the experience the customer had with their old plant, Linka was chosen to supply the replacement boiler system.

The plant

The new biomass plant was designed and adapted to fit the existing straw shredding system. The dimensions of the combustion chamber allow for additional two sheds to be built in future. A moving grate system was installed and is using Linka’s patented combustion technology.

The plant is built using our extensive know-how and experience. This means that energy exploitation can be optimised for the varying qualities of straw. The ash is automatically fed into an ash container and then mixed with chicken manure and reused as compost.

The plant requires minimal operation and is easy to maintain. The plant is also designed to make cleaning and inspecting the combustion easy.

The plant can be controlled and monitored via remote control, which also allows for quick remote support from Linka’s support department.


Costumer: Mosegård
Location: Hobro, Denmark
Fuel: Straw
Size: 1.000 kW
Year: 2020



96 %
Using Linka’s internationally patented combustion technology ensures the highest possible level of effectiveness.


Flow temperature (max)

A flow temperature of up to 110°C ensures that heat can be spread around the sheds fast.


“Sustainable heating is a major issue. We really like using the incinerator we have nearby. It makes a difference in the long run.”

Leif Barsballe, Operations Director

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