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New wood chips plant from Linka enables the heating plant to lower customer prices.

In late 2016 Linka installed a wood chips plant for Vaarst-Fjellerad Heating plant, which is equipped with a crane system enabling automated fuel transport.


Before installation of the new biomass plant Vaarst-Fjellerad was one of the 50 most expensive heating plants in Denmark. A settlement behind the energy agreement of 2012 enabled these heating plants to switch from gas to biofuel. Vaarst-Fjellerad decided to invest in a biomass plant, making it possible to lower the heating prices considerably in the entire area.


Linka was chosen as a turnkey contractor for the solution in Vaarst-Fjellerad, which was erected from scratch. Linka was responsible for designing and dimensioning both the biomass plant and the surrounding buildings.

The primary fuel is wet wood chips and Linka needed to design the solution to handle fuel with up to 50 % water.

The solution

The 1,000 kW wood chips plant being installed in Vaarst-Fjellerad, is equipped with automatic fuel supply by crane as well as automatic ash extraction. Thus making it a fully automated plant where photo cells are ensuring a constant supply of wood chips. In addition the ash is transported outside the boiler and into an ash container, located outside the building.

Linka is installing a condensing biomass plant where the flue gas is condensed and cleaned through a bag filter. This results in more energy and more heat, but less dust.


Customer: Vaarst-Fjellerad Heating Plant
Fuel type: Wood chips
Plant size: 1,000 kW
Plant type: Hot water plant
Energy type: District heating


CO concentration: 150 mg/m3

The CO emissions from the plant are well below the environmental demands for 625.

Dust: mg/m3

The flue gas is cleaned through the bag filter which ensures a minimal amount of dust.

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