Blade stacking frames designed for LM 73.5 meter blades


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Liftra is recognized as an expert in tailor-made solutions for special lifting and transportation tasks in the wind turbine industry.

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Liftra Blade Stacking Frames designed for LM 73.5m blades.

Blade stacking frames is designed to stack and transport LM 73.5 meter blades, in single, double and triple mode. The blade stacking system can be modified to client specifications, in cooperation with Liftras team of skilled engineers. The blade frames were used at the installation of the USA first offshore wind farm of the coast of Block Island Wind Farm.

Intended use of machinery

1 x root frame system
1 x tip frame system

2 x root frame system
1 x root frame bottom
2 x root frame lifting bracket

2 x tip frame system
1 x tip frame bottom

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