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Leitra DK

Are you ready to ride a velomobile, with or without electric motor assist? With a velomobile you can make yourself mobile all year and in all weather conditions without using fossil energy. Thats good for the environment, good for your health, and good for your economy.

The Leitra company has more than 30 years of experience with velomobiles, being a pioneer in the development of ultra light human powered vehicles.

Since the second oil crises, we have found loyal customers in many European countries, in the USA and in the far East.

The Leitra velomobile is basicly a tricycle with a cabin, i.e. an aerodynamical glass fiber fairing, which reduces air resistace and protects against rain, wind and cold. It is convertible, can be used with or without fairing and can be modified for different purposes. Many versions are in use for pendling, shopping, touring and recreation, for transport of goods or children, as carrier of adverticements, and in some cases even in special versions for physical handicaped. Users are of age from 13 year up to 95 years. Also elderly people need exercise!

Some Leitra owners have never had a drivers licence, and they ride typicly 5,000 – 10,000 km per year.

You can ride safely in town traffic, sitting comfortably in a recumbent position with good overview in all directions, with stable and easy handling and good protection by the frame and fairing in case of an accident. A few doctors in Germany are using Leitra velomobiles for their home visits to patients. ”Our recommendations, to avoid obesity by active exercise, are then more convincing”, they say. It is true that for many velomobile riders, exercise is a major motivation. They can stay fit without spending money and time on visits to Fitness Centers.

The Leitra velomobile is developed and produced in Denmark, but license production has also been taken up in France and Austria. We are still open to more licencers.

If you want to try, hire or purchase a Leitra velomobile or trike, you are welcome to contact the factory in Herlev (10 km from Copenhagen City Center): www.leitra.dk

You can also rent a Leitra velomobile from Bicycle Innovation Lab in Amager (4 km from Copenhagen City Center) www.bicycleinnovationlab.dk.

The price level for a new Leitra velomobile (incl. Danish VAT) range from 7500 – 8500 Euros, depending on technical specifications, e.g. with or without electric motor.

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