Water scarcity: Reduction of NRW in Rajkot, India

Leif Koch

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Specialized SME in localization of leakages on buried water pipes, effective reduction of water loss NRW.

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In 2013, Leif Koch participated in a project in Rajkot, India, in collaboration with DHI and Grundfos.

We worked to improve and stabilize the local water supply, as water scarcity was so extreme that Rajkot inhabitants only had running water for a few hours each day.

Leif Koch provided leak detection services for the Rajkot water supply network, and trained local workers so that they would continue using our methods when the project ended. We also installed household meters, automatic closing devices on household water tanks, control points in main tanks, as well as usage meters on pipes.

Total water use can be substantially lowered through effective leak detection and repair. We found seven hidden leaks in Rajkot, and were able to reduce non revenue water for the entire system. We are extremely proud of our successful work in Rajkot.

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Leif Koch
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