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Leif Koch

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Specialized SME in localization of leakages on buried water pipes, effective reduction of water loss NRW.

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Within seven years, HOFOR - Greater Copenhagen Water Utility has lowered their water losses from 10 to 5 per cent.

This has partly been achieved by employing a strategy of proactive leakage detection as well as using experts for support. Continuous leakage detection performance is key to maintaining expertise and difficult to gain when leak frequency is low. Therefore, HOFOR collaborates with leakage detection experts on issues such as getting and keeping water losses at a low level, assistance with leakages that in-house staff are unable to detect but are revealed by night time flows, training of in-house staff for triannual manual surveying and consultancy advice on the most applicable equipment and staffing for a specific NRW goal.

As a trial, approximately 200 noise loggers that are connected to the online monitoring software ALMOS LEAK were installed in an area of Greater Copenhagen where no prior leaks had been detected. Within two days, the system detected a leak. It was left unrepaired for a week to access potential costs, which would have run up to EUR 280,000 before the next triannual manual surveying.

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