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Specialized SME in localization of leakages on buried water pipes, effective reduction of water loss NRW.

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By Ida Due Koch, Leif Koch A/S and DTU Environment, November 26, 2015

Leif Koch is part of a collaborative project that combines the technologies and services of the most innovative companies in the Danish Water Technology Industry. We work to reduce water loss on pipeline systems by creating new, innovative technologies.

Leif Koch is proud to be a partner in the collaborative project, “LEAKman”, which was selected to receive funding from the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food. The other project partners are: NIRAS, Grundfos, Schneider Electric, AVK, Kamstrup, HOFOR, Nordvand, and the Technical University of Denmark.

The project will create two art demonstrations in Denmark that display innovative, Danish water technologies, such as intelligent pumps, valves, sensors, data systems, and hydraulic models.

Many countries invest significant monetary resources to stabilize their water supply and ensure that their citizens have clean drinking water. As a result of successful investments in innovative technologies, Denmark’s national leakage rate is 8% – one of the lowest leakage rates on buried drinking water pipes in the world. LEAKman will display the best Danish products, services, strategies, and technologies, which work in concert with each other to significantly reduce Denmark’s leakage rate. LEAKman will serve as a holistic solution that Denmark will present to other countries seeking Danish help to reduce their water loss.

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