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We deliver sensing as a service for air/sound/water pollution, dramatically reducing the complexity of deploying sensors for better compliance with environmental regulations. We typically focus on city governments, utilities, factories etc. 

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In Europe alone, it is estimated that companies suffer €923Bn (€4,070 per employee) in lost worker productivity every year due to poor indoor working environments. The main contributors of this problem are moisture and mould problems that cause allergies and asthma and poor building ventilation leads to headaches, influenza and common colds.

The issue is that current Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) operation in buildings is prone to serious problems. Firstly, building tenants have high energy bills because the HVAC system runs on simple schedules and temperature setpoints that do not take into account occupancy patterns. Secondly, many tenants complain that their indoor air is unhealthy as the HVAC system does not factor in all relevant parameters for indoor air quality and comfort – such as CO2, particle contamination and thermal comfort. Although there are a handful of solutions attempting to tackle these problems, they require complex upgrades to the building and expensive CAPEX investments. As a result, these solutions have yet to be adopted on a wide scale.

LeapSenseTM from Leapcraft is an award-winning Internet-of-Things platform that empowers existing building systems with machine learning intelligence. It overcomes the known problems and has already been shown to help property managers ensure a healthy indoor climate for their tenants, while optimizing costs (managing customer complaints, energy use, preventive maintenance). It is pioneering a new market for healthy buildings by providing an effective, affordable and easy-to-install solution.

LeapSense harnesses the power of Leapcraft’s high accuracy, low cost instruments – AmbiNode and CPHSense, to measure environment parameters

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