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We deliver sensing as a service for air/sound/water pollution, dramatically reducing the complexity of deploying sensors for better compliance with environmental regulations. We typically focus on city governments, utilities, factories etc. 

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CPHSense - high quality, simple to use, plug & play air quality sensor

CPHSense is an enterprise-grade fully scalable solution.

Our system is designed to integrate a range of industrial gas sensors like NO2, NO, CO, CO2, SO2 etc. along with PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 particle which are connected via our extensible hardware gateway. Our data model is highly scalable and offers an IP based control, monitoring, and calibration system. We take the stress out of managing remote deployments so that you can focus on outcomes rather than technology. The newest models of CPHSense offer a low-cost Noise (dB sensor), PM2.5 and PM10 sensor integration.

An advanced analytics model offers deep insights and accurate models for city planners and administrators. A sophisticated front-end – web-based tool for you to measure, compare and analyze the data. We offer both real-time analytics – to connect to alarms and remote triggers as well as historic analytics to look for patterns and tendencies. Our solution is based on high resolution and high density of data, thus using advanced big data model to offer you a detailed bigger picture.

CPHSense is available as a fully managed service and is built on a modern cloud enabled Internet of things platform offering rich features and versatile data models.

CPH Sense utilises the full power of cloud computing and offers a highly scalable solution to crunch extremely large data sets. Our core engine is custom built for parallel processing sensor data and meta data from numerous 3rd party sources. Our solution can run fully on the cloud or on-premise based on your needs and policies. In addition, we offer CKAN data pre-intergation.

We give due care to data security and protection and our system only augments your current technologies, thus only adding more value. Plus all this is packaged in an outstanding user interface that just a breeze to use. We are working on some cool predictive analytics too – get in touch if you want to play.

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