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We deliver sensing as a service for air/sound/water pollution, dramatically reducing the complexity of deploying sensors for better compliance with environmental regulations. We typically focus on city governments, utilities, factories etc. 

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Clean Air School Districts is a holistic solution with sensor instruments, educational material, and consultation for students, teachers, and parents to collaborate with the school management on improving the school’s indoor environment quality. A better indoor environment has been proven to remarkably improve learning ability among children and reduce sick days and absenteeism. It accounts for healthier working conditions for school staff .

We involve students and teachers in an interactive workshop before, during and after the setup of sensors in the classrooms to help understand the value and meaning of realtime measurements. With fun science activities and experiments, the CASD toolkit uses the STEM approach to inspire and challenge students to understand air quality issues and raise awareness on long term exposure to poor indoor air quality.
Teachers are provided with education tips and material on outdoor and indoor air quality to feed into the curriculum.

The CASD package offers schools concrete advice with small changes to the daily rythym of the classroom that could improve air quality and control to various air handling systems. The data from our systems can be used to assess renovation projects (before/after). Read more about Clean Air School Districts here


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