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We offer Pervasive Environmental Intelligence as a service – we work with Air Quality, Noise and Traffic data to enable cleaner and sustainable cities.

We deliver sensing as a service for air/sound/water pollution, dramatically reducing the complexity of deploying sensors for better compliance with environmental regulations. We typically focus on city governments, utilities, factories etc. Our technology is quite a radical departure from existing offerings in sensing accuracy, size and power requirements – making it easy to deploy and manage a dense network of these at much lower cost than traditional competition.

We empower sustainable cities with a pervasive environmental intelligence as a service (air quality/noise/traffic). We address smart city & building applications via easy to deploy, robust sensors and simulation models via cloud computing. We supply data and insights to enable stakeholders to create actions for cleaner cities, enable transparency and create data driven risk management.


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Anne Cecilie Duus Kühnel
+45 29107468

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