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At Leaderlab we help goverments, cities and companies build partnerships, mobilize key stakeholders and use collaborative innovation processes to drive sustainable growth. We have worked with as diverse organisations as IKEA, NASA, Novozymes, USAID, the Danish Ministry of the Environment and many more within both Food, Construction and Materials and Manufacturing, with a special emphasis on Circular economy and Sustainable production and consumption (SDG 12) initiatives.

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Leaderlab helps leaders drive sustainable growth and catalyse coalitions of ambitious organisations globally. Since 2010, Leaderlab has been identifying and setting up partnerships. Leaderlab is working with partnerships across local and global scales and have worked with governments, cities and more than 30 global companies. Through the processes of Sustainable Build and Launch Nordic, Leaderlab has helped to mobilize more than 1,000 leaders to accelerate 111 innovators to address 13 of the world’s toughest climate challenges

Launch Nordic: Building a circular society

Launch Nordic is the product of Leaderlab’s attitude towards the current state in various industries, where sustainable transition and circular economy are not on the top of the agenda. The concept ‘Launch’ was founded as a strategic collaboration between NASA, NIKE, the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development. In 2014, the founding members IKEA Group, Novozymes, Kvadrat, The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Danish Environmental Protection Agency and Region Skåne, expanded LAUNCH to the Nordics. Leaderlab runs the project in the Nordics.

By imagining a future where every product is designed to last, to be reused, repaired and recycled, Launch Nordic is a forum that is trying to facilitate solutions resulting in a truly circular society by addressing the challenges now, rethinking ownership, understanding that the future is not disposable and catalysing collaboration.

By creating a network between innovators and various companies, Launch Nordic will help facilitate the creation of circular alternatives and push the sustainable transition within different industries with the purpose of solving the environmental issues by sharing knowledge and creating partnerships. Leaderlab hopes that this initiative will help organizations reevaluate their value chains and try to implement the principles of circular economy when presented for new ideas and potential partnerships regarding upcycling and sustainable solutions.

There are certain requirements for entering the Nordic Launch Forum. In order to keep the forum as efficient as possible the participants need to have an idea, product, financial tool etc. that potentially can be scaled within two years and of course contribute to a sustainable transition. The innovators participating in the forum are guided through the scaling by the Launch Nordic Council and by that creating value and impact for industries and society in general.  Furthermore, the participants are selected based on their relevance to the specific subject or challenge that is being processed in the forum.

Sustainable Build: Uniting the builders of tomorrow

The purpose of Sustainable Build is to create growth in sustainable building methods. Leaderlab helps strengthen the competitiveness of sustainable solutions and scale new sustainable products and business models. This is done through an increase in innovation, sharing knowledge and strengthening cooperation across the construction industry.

Created in collaboration with various corporations in the construction industry such as architects, building contractors, government institutions etc. Sustainable Build is a collaboration between Leaderlab, the Danish Industry Foundation and Danish Architecture Centre. The partners in Sustainable Build includes, Pension Denmark, Central Region Denmark, Henning Larsen Architects, NCC and Tarkett.

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