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Retrofitting and transformation of existing residential, public, and private sector buildings. Adapting and developing buildings to future work/living/cultural needs, energy savings, improvement of indoor environment, value optimization and accentuating cultural heritage qualities.

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New ventilation and cts technologies in save 1 heritage building from 1796

Erected in 1796 by master builder and well known neo-classisist Johan Martin Quist the house on Ved Stranden 14 is a masterpiece of its time. It was build for merchant Gustmeyers and his family and lies very centrally just across from the royal palace “Christiansborg” that now houses the Government. This house has throughout the times served as both a residential (child home for scientist Niels Bohr) and a commercial (Bank and insurance company, now consultancy) building.

Bringing the qualities and grandeur atmospheres back into the building, and at the same time creating a modern office environment became the great challenge and source of inspiration of this project.

This Cultural Heritage building in central Copenhagen is one of the finest neo classical of its time. The worn out building was upgraded by a 2-fold strategy to become a highly attractive office building again.

First, it needed several technological improvements to ensure a qualitative indoor climate and optimal work spaces. Heating and cooling systems integrated, as well as mechanical natural ventilation in windows controlled by CTS systems and coordinated with solar shading ensures the work space performance as well as keeps the costs and energy consumptions low. Also high security standards needed to be incorporated with modern technology AIA, ADK and security doors.

Secondly, the building needed to be reconnected with its cultural heritage qualities that gives it the special and attractive atmosphere. From carpets to wooden planks, traditional colour setting, modern lightening, new canteen in the basement etc. This example shows, how it is important to reinvent heritage buildings in order to keep attractivity of users. Finding the right balance between the technical and the cultural is key ensuring that no qualities are lost. Adapting and reconnecting becomes the best way of making the historical present today and for the future needs.

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