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Transformation and reprogramming of city church to urban cultural and religious centre

Build as one of many urban churches this red brick church was erected in 1900-1910 and fitted into the housing blocks erected at the same time.
Before the welfare state took over the social and communal activities this church was a meeting place for many other than religious reasons. Bringing this idea back to life in contemporary society where the traditional church is less demanded, but still serves as a special place for celebration, community meeting etc. was the challenge and inspiration.

The transformation of Gethsemane Church was a winning proposal for an open competition in 2008. Copenhagen has many urban churches within the housing blocks from the turn of last century. Decisions to take some of these churches out of use, and the increasing demand for multiuse space for cultural, day-care, community and sport activities, combined with the cultural heritage and preservation laws create this challenge as well as possibilities for the community.

This project reconnects the church with its historical role as a community house, as well as being a modern cultural house for the present and future needs of the community around it. Optimizing the energy consumption is key to keeping the yearly costs low, as well as underlining the environmentally consciousness in the model.
The future worldly use will be theatre, concerts, community-house, study-café, restaurant, exhibitions, cinema, dance hall, sports hall, yoga, and the sacred the rituals of marriage, baptism, confirmation and funerals.

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