Real-time combined optimisation of the sewer network and wastewater treatment plants

The public wastewater utility BlueKolding wanted to exploit the optimisation potential through an intelligent use of real-time data from its entire wastewater system (i.e. both the sewer network and the wastewater treatment plants).

Since its implementation, the advanced algorithms of AQUAVISTA™ Plant have reduced overflows from the combined sewer network by 83 percent, increased the
hydraulic capacity of the wastewater system by 80 percent and reduced nitrogen discharge by 27 percent. Operating expenses have been lowered thanks to a reduction in the use of chemicals and energy by 46 and 23 percent, respectively.

A new add-on is the ‘BlueGrid’ project, which uses rainfall forecasts from weather radars and numerical weather prediction models along with model predictive control and artificial intelligence (AI) in the AQUAVISTA™ Plant SMARTGrid platform to provide balancing to the demand-response electricity market. The power consumption is furthermore planned and carried out in conjunction with the spot market electricity price fluctuations 24 hours ahead. This makes BlueKolding a flexible consumer of renewable wind and solar energy, which saves energy costs, reduces its climate footprint and supports the UN SDGs.

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