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Kollision Design Office has extensive experience when it comes to creating engaging experiences aimed at promoting green technology, affect behavioural change in relation to climate change or telling the green stories that need to be told.

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Short movie telling the story about Denmark's green transition.

“We’re already on the road to a greener future, but we’re not quite there, yet. Let’s share experiences and inspire each other to continue the journey.” That’s the basic message of this short, animated movie telling the story of how Denmark decoupled our economic growth from a rising demand for energy, transitioning from a fossil-based economy to green business It’s also the story about how we can share solutions to power our common future.

In 2013 Kollision designed the interactive visitors centre, House of Green for State of Green. As part of this project we created a number of animated movies explaining the Danish approach to a green transition. The movie ‘The Road to A Greener Future’ is an updated and re-animated version of this story, reflecting the current political climate and the status of the green transition.

Kollision was involved in all aspects of the production, from initial brief, script, and storyboard, to animation, sound design, and postproduction.

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