Dual Porosity Filtration – the movie

How do you explain a revolutionary new technology, which basically consists of cassettes with filters buried in the ground? In collaboration with the client, the University of Copenhagen, we came up with a concept putting the technology into a larger context, explaining the benefits and possibilities as well as the technology itself.

Dual Porosity Filtration is a new, revolutionary technology invented by Marina Bergen Jensen, Professor at KU Life, University of Copenhagen. Using nature’s own processes DPF can clean polluted, runoff water using natural mechanisms like sedimentation, sorption and biodegradation to trap harmful substances in the water. DPF is an eco-friendly technology, allowing the reuse of water in many ways without the use of power or chemicals, and it’s free of noise and smell.

Kollision handled every aspect – from initial idea over storyboarding and manuscript to animation, music score, and editing.

The project is funded by Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster

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Kollision Design Office has extensive experience when it comes to creating engaging experiences aimed at promoting green technology, affect behavioural change in relation to climate change or telling the green stories that need to be told.

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