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Kollision Design Office has extensive experience when it comes to creating engaging experiences aimed at promoting green technology, affect behavioural change in relation to climate change or telling the green stories that need to be told.

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House of Green is an interactive visitors center and exhibition room with meeting facilities and a showroom, where Danish business life, trade organizations and public institutions can house international commercial and political decision makers and introduce them to the potentials of the many technologies, where Denmark is a world leader. House of Green is funded by the Danish Industry Foundation and will act as a central point for Danish strengths within energy, climate and environment.

The 400 m2 interactive visitors center is built up around three main foci; explore, experience and experiment. National as well as international visitors in House of Green can activate their senses and be inspired. Touch screens enable guests to explore sectors and solutions across different areas of sustainable energy. The visitors can furthermore read and experience stories about global challenges and Danish solutions. The experimental part of the exhibition includes the opportunity for visitors to tweak different parameters and identify how it affects the whole energy system shown in a dynamic scenery by means of projectors.

Kollision designed House of Green in collaboration with Core Arkitekter. We also developed the software controlling the entire showroom, created interactive content, movies, and graphics as well as co-creating all other content for the exhibition in close collaboration with State of Green. September 5, 2013, H.R.H. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark inaugurated House of Green. Kollision have an operating agreement for House of Green until the end of 2015.

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