Circular Economy in Denmark – The Movie

The story of Denmarks' journey towards a circular economy in less than 4 minutes.

Promoting Export

In Denmark, we are among the most efficient in the world when it comes to waste and resource management. The Danish waste management and resource sectors are experts at collecting and treating waste in a way that minimises the environmental impact and resources are reused as efficiently as possible. That is the main message in this animation movie aimed at promoting Danish solutions within waste and resource management.

The Story Behind

Our brief was to tell as much about Denmark’s transition to a circular economy and our waste and resource management as possible within three minutes. The idea is that Danish exporters and public authorities can use the movie’s generic, non-branded universe to start a dialogue aimed at promoting specific Danish products and solutions to global challenges. The movie is closely related to a previous project, “Greener Future”, telling the story of our Green Transition.

Our Role

Kollision handled the entire process from writing, storyboarding, 3D-modelling and animation to sound and post-production. The story is based on a brief from DAKOFA – Waste and Resource Network Denmark – with input from a task force comprised of members from the Trade Council, Danish Export Association, Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Waste Association and State of Green.

About author

Kollision Design Office has extensive experience when it comes to creating engaging experiences aimed at promoting green technology, affect behavioural change in relation to climate change or telling the green stories that need to be told.

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