Waste Recycling In the Construction Industry

Innovative project to recycle construction waste

The building sector is responsible for over 40% of the CO2 emission. Kolding Municipality has launched an innovative project “Better Use of Construction Waste” which will reduce the CO2 emission from the construction industry and increase the recycling of construction waste.

The project extends over a period of three years and it is supported with funds from the EU. Even though the building sector has been focusing on lowering the CO2 emission in new constructions in recent years, there has been a lack of priorities in the construction waste. Though some of the construction waste is recycled, it is often down-cycled and used in road fill. The project wants to use the waste in a more useful way and use it for building materials again. However, doing this is not easy and it requires that we collaborate with companies that have knowledge about the business and the willingness to change the industry.

Partners have to be involved

There are different partners involved in the project. Vejle Kommune has a similar project working with construction waste. The Design School Kolding and University of Southern Denmark is involved in designing the process to achieve a smooth and efficient project. Business Kolding is involved in the project with their knowledge on local companies and expertise in business models.

The project itself is innovative with the involvement of private companies, educational institutions and cluster organizations. Kolding Municipality want stakeholders to participate in different workshops and “laboratories” to test new possibilities, ideas and solutions for better use of the construction waste. The project aims to develop innovative solutions for the building sector and create new business models that also have a focus on circular economy.

It is essential in order to achieve a successful project that the business models work in “real” life and are economical viable. Finally, the result should be that 10 companies are working on these business models and at least five of them are entrepreneur companies. The project will also work together closely with other partners to achieve knowledge and experience from real cases to solve the challenges with construction waste in the building industry.

Learn more about the transition from linear to circular economy in this white paper: From a Linear To a Circular Economy

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