Green Street – A showcase of alternative urban planning and sustainability

Each year in August, Kolding Municipality turns the main pedestrian street into a green street

Each year in August, Kolding Municipality is the host of Culture Night. At this annual event all citizens, organizations, institutions, stakeholders, stores, (the list goes on) transform the city to a cultural mecca, where all rules are broken.

The Climate and Sustainability department at Kolding Municipality transforms an entire street in the center of Kolding’s pedestrian streets to a Green Street, where there is focus on sustainable and green living. Together with different interested parties, an oasis of nature, calmness, coziness and atmosphere is created each year.

Because Kolding Municipality wants to promote a green and sustainable lifestyle to all citizens by showcasing and introducing alternative options and solutions.

This year’s ambition is to transform the whole street into an even greener street, where people who are passing can experience and appreciate the value nature brings to an even larger extent.
Besides this transformation, there will be food, information, stalls, activities, music etc., which will contribute to spread the message of sustainability.

Culture Night will be held on 26.08.2016
Hope to see you there

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