Green Shops – An environmental commitment

Green Shops is an initiative to create a network between shops and stores within Kolding Municipality, who work with ongoing improvement of their climate and energy use in their daily operations.

What does it mean to be a Green Shop?
Green Shop is an ecolabeling of small and medium sized stores, who volountarily wants to improve their efforts on the climate- and energy area. The purpose is to make environmental considerations a natural part of the daily operations within the store. The Municipality offers a professional climate and energy check, and make recommendations on the basis of the findings.

The advantages of joining the network is among other things:

  • Impartial guidance on the store’s energy consumption, waste administration etc.
  • Ideas for improving the climate and energy consumption in the store
  • Marketing as a “Green Shop” and an annual campaign
  • (Often) big savings e.g. on the electricity bill
  • Annual renewal of diploma, where new climate or energy initiatives chosen by the store are written, plus a new sticker when these new initiatives are decided

What does it take?

The store has to choose at least three new areas or initiatives every year, which focuses on environmental improvements and/or energy savings.
The store has a Green Shop-Consultant, who will inspire, help, and map out the initiatives.

Examples of initiatives:

  • Ecolabelled (cleaning) products
  • Turn power off all electronic devices during closing hours
  • Change lights to more energy efficient light
  • Administration of waste

This is only a few of the environmental initiatives possible for the stores to choose – only the imagination sets the limit.

Currently the network consists of 78 Green Shops, but the Municipality has an ambition to further expand this number.

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