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Creating a Sustainable Future Through Education

Kolding Municipality is one of 10 Danish municipalities, which are going to support a sustainable future through education aimed at the 0-20 year olds. The aim of the project is for the municipalities to create local “Green Generation Strategies” to promote Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

The project runs until the end of 2016, where a Green Generation Strategy is developed and ready to be implemented. The output of the project will thereby continue to grow and influence the municipalities beyond the project timeframe.

Kolding Municipality has appointed a team of two coordinators from different administrations to collaborate on creating the Green Generation Strategy, which will ensure the most holistic approach to the strategy.
One coordinator is situated in the Children and Education administration, while the other is from the Climate and Sustainability department.

Currently they are working hard on creating a Green Generation Strategy that is to be implemented in the beginning of 2017.

4 fast facts about the project:

  • Funding Project Green Generation runs from 2013 to 2016 and is funded by the Villum Foundation.
  • Methodology The project aims to work with 10 Danish municipalities in order to support them to create “Green Generation Strategies”.
  • Every participating municipality is going to form a board or group of people who represents the local NGO´s, companies and authorities. The board will support the Education of Sustainable Development (ESD) in the local area, i.e. by creating a strategy to support ESD – a Green Generation Strategy.
  • National Inspiration group A National Inspiration group which will support and inspire the local Green Generation boards in their efforts.
  • Evaluation Department of Science Education, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen will conduct research on the effects of the project.


Primary contact
Anne Kirstine Lindvang

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